Successes and Failures and Pendings

I’m always applying for things. And often hearing back. Sometimes it’s good news. Sometimes it’s rejection. While my resume has only accomplishments, I don’t think they tell the full story. Successes are about what you’ve done. Failures are about what you will someday do. I hope to grow all three of these lists.


  • Udacity Transcend Scholarship
  • Android Nanodegree Scholarship
  • Droidcon 2016 Talk Submission
  • Tried to quit coffee
  • 100 days of commits (did like 40)
  • Women Techmakers Udacity Scholarship


  • Write/Speak/Code Diversity Scholarship
  • Grace Hopper Conference Travel Grant
  • Finished #129 Android Basics Nanodegree
  • So many Lynda courses
  • This page
  • Switched to decaf
  • Gave my first conference talk at ElaConf!
  • Georgia Tech UMS-CS Application


  • Trying to get my app to over 100 downloads (little goals!)
  • Preparing to do a bang-up emcee job at ElaConf 2017